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Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Cooking Arsenal

Hi Folks,

Besides being armed with thousands of recipes; every good cook needs a number of things in the kitchen that help in the creative process of cooking. I will list my favorite items to keep on hand to cook most of the dishes I will post for you, so you'll always be prepared to produce these wonderful dishes.

Lets Start in the Pantry:

All purpose flour, Corn Starch, Sugar (white granulated), Brown Sugar, Carton of Beef stock, Carton of Chicken stock, Several types of canned of Tomatoes (diced, diced w/green chile's, Italian w/ basil & herbs), Worcestershire Sauce, Maggi, Canola Oil, Panko bread crumbs, and Seasoned bread crumbs.

Moving on to the Spice Rack:

Garlic powder, Salt, Pepper, Seasoning salt, Powdered beef and chicken bouillon, Cumin, Chili powder, Parsley flakes, Oregano, Paprika, Cayenne Pepper, Basil, Poultry seasoning, Sage, Thyme, Maggi gravy cubes, White/red wine, Vinegar.

Tools of the trade:

Mixer (electric or hand), Food processor, Stock Pan 4 Quart, Large frying pan (oven proof), Set of pots, wooden spoons, spatula's, Colander, ladle, Chopping board, Good sharp set of knives (a cook can't cook without a good set of knives)

These are the basic essentials in my kitchen to get you started with most dishes. Y'all have fun cookin' see you soon. :)

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